Install SigningPDF 1.0 on Windows 10, Windows 11

(1) Install .NET SDK 6.0
Microsoft official website: Download .NET SDK 6.0
Select Windows - <Arm64 | x64 | x86> based on your CPU architecture, download and install.

(2) Deploy the SigningPDF 1.0 program files
2.1  Unpack the installation package and move to the target disk deployment path, such as <C:\SigningPdfRoot>.
2.2  Set the Directory Structure file system permissions.
The list of Windows user group Users file system permissions is as follows.
Path File system permissions Purpose
\runroot Read, execute ASP.NET Core directory structure
\storagePath Full control (read, write). Storage folder
\appconfig.json Read User management
\database.json Read Database connection configuration
\certconnector.json Read Digital certificate (Signing Template) configuration

(3) Test Windows command line console self-hosting
3.1  Configure the Kestrel web server binding port.
Open <runroot\appsettings.json> using Notepad to modify the port bound by Kestrel.
"Kestrel": {
    "Endpoints": {
      "Http": {
        "Url": "http://localhost:5000"

3.2  Test command-line console self-hosting.
Double-click or use the Windows command line to execute <runroot\SigningPdf.exe>.
The Kestrel web server binds host port <http://localhost:5000> by default.
Use your browser to access <http://localhost:5000>.

(4) Register Windows service
Register SigningPdf.exe as a Windows service.
Important: Please modify the <physical path> in the following command to your actual deployment.
Windows Command Prompt
sc.exe create SigningPdf binpath=C:\SigningPdfRoot\runroot\SigningPdf.exe
Use the Windows Service Manager to set the SigningPDF service to start automatically.

(5) Access SigningPDF 1.0
Open a browser on Windows, then enter the URL address.
URL Access address

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