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Important: The following content is quoted from Entrust's official website

Entrust Document Signing Certificates

Generate identity-verified and secure digital signatures on electronic documents with trusted digital signing certificates from Entrust.

Timestamping Service Included
Add a trusted timestamp to all your digital signatures and seals with the Entrust public timestamping service.
Verified and Trusted Identities
Entrust verifies organization, employee, and individual identities according to Adobe, eIDAS, and WebTrust standards.

Application Agnostic
Our document signing certificates can be used with any application that supports digital signing with x.509 digital certificates.
Flexible Options
We issue certificates for individuals, employees, and/or organizations, with multi-year terms available.

Automatic or Manual Signing
We have dedicated certificates and storage options for manual and automated signing or sealing scenarios.
Signature Compliance
Digital signatures are recognized by multiple laws, including U.S. federal ESIGN Act and eIDAS.

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