SigningPDF and CFCA Digital Signature Qualified the China's Electronic Signature Law

l SigningPDF
l CFCA Document Signing Certificate(China Financial Certification Authority)

Using SigningPDF:
l PDF documents digital signature(Adobe AATL Global Trust).
l China's Electronic Signature Law Compliance.
l Digitally sign PDF documents (e.g. contracts, agreements, certificates, invoices, licenses...).
l Independently notarize PDF documents, when required for legal affairs.

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China Financial Certification Authority
CFCA is an authoritative electronic certification agency established under the leadership of the People's Bank of China in 1998 and approved by China's information security management agency.

Important: The following content is quoted from CFCA's official website

CFCA Document Signing Certificate
Using the CFCA Document Signing Certificate to digitally sign PDF or Office documents, making electronic documents non-tamperable and legally identifiable.
Digital signatures using CFCA Document Signing Certificate comply with China's "Electronic Signature Law", enabling electronic documents to obtain the same legal effect as paper stamps.
CFCA is the first batch of electronic certification service agencies in China to obtain the electronic certification service license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
At the same time, the CFCA Document Signing Certificate has passed the international WebTrust audit and certification, and has both Chinese and international qualifications.

Features of CFCA Document Signing Certificate

The CFCA Document Signing Certificate has passed the audit of the Trust Service Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities Version 2.0 international certification standard, and obtained the corresponding Webtrust certification.
CFCA Document Signing Root Certificate CFCA Identity CA has been officially included in the trust list of the root certificate library of Adobe and Microsoft, and is fully recognized and trusted internationally, and its products are used worldwide.
Supports all mobile platforms, Adobe series products and Office series products in various operating systems at home and abroad.
It has an automatic anti-tampering function. Once the document signed by the certificate is modified, an "X" will be marked at the signature to remind the user that the document has been modified after signing, and the authenticity and legality of the document are doubtful.
The private key of the advanced version of the signature certificate is stored in the USB-Key or encryption machine, which is convenient and time-saving while obtaining high protection.
Financial-level security services, 98% of China's banks choose CFCA's products and services.
China's largest CA certification body-CFCA provides professional and complete solutions and 7*24 hours of multi-channel after-sales technical support.

CFCA Document Signing Certificate(Enterprise Edition)
Certificates stored on USB-Key hardware.

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