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FlowCore 2.0 Multi-runroot architecture

FlowCore® Multi-runroot

Different from traditional monoliths and microservices.
FlowCore supports hosting of multiple runroot program instances.
Each runroot is configured with different security policies and network links.
Each runroot provides services independently based on independent application configurations(appsettings).
Freely switch the network link and production state of each runroot.

How to enable Multi-runroot
The ASP.NET Core directory structure is contained in the <runroot> folder under the FlowCore® root folder.
Copy multiple <runroot > folders under the FlowCore root directory to run hostedly.
It is recommended that the newly copied <runroot > folder naming convention: use <runroot_> as the prefix, which is convenient for remembering and maintaining.
FlowCore licensing is per-instance licensing (anchoring the number of FlowCore root folder), and there is no limit to the number of runroot program instances under FlowCore root folder.

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