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FlowCore 2.0 - How to backup data

(1) Back up the <storagePath>
The <storagePath> folder contains all file storage (workflow attachments, mail & office attachments).

(2) Back up a SQL Server or PostgreSQL database
Back up the database using SQL Server Manager or pgAdmin(PostgreSQL).

(3) Back up the JSON configuration file and activation file
3.1  Back up the JSON configuration file.
/certarchive.json (Digital Archive-Digital Certificate Configuration)
/cloudstorage.json (cloud storage configuration Azure Blob and Amazon S3)
/database.json (database connection)
/runroot/appsettings.json (program instance configuration)

3.2  Back up the License activation file, and save the activation file in the <license> folder.

(4) How to restore FlowCore 2.0
Fresh install FlowCore 2.0 and restore the backup data.

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